Turin, Italy

About us

Alps VFX is a Visual Effects Studio, based in Turin, Italy, right at the base of some of the greatest Alps.

We focus on providing high quality digital effects for Feature Films, TV series, Commercials and Music Videos.

The Alps are the mountain range with the highest altitude in Italy and in Europe. They are source of inspiration and admiration since the ancient times, known all over the world and one of the most recognizable features of the North-Italian territory. We can certainly not remain indifferent to the sight of these mountains and we can not help but admire them in the various situations dictated by seasonal conditions and changes.

Our goal is to generate images that astonish the viewers and that entertain them. But most of all, those images will not let the spectators become aware that what they are looking at is not a simple video shooting, but a re-elaboration of it, made through the most innovative techniques.

From the great inspiration that those mountains generates and the admiration that we always had for them, combined with our drive for Visual Effects, comes the name of our studio: Alps VFX.

Alps VFX
Visual Effects Studio